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  Dr. rer. nat. Alfred A. Zinn, CEO

Dr. rer. nat. Alfred A. Zinn, CEO

Dr. rer. nat. Alfred A. Zinn

Dr. Alfred A. Zinn is founder and CEO of Kuprion Inc., a materials company incorporated in Delaware, 2016. Kuprion is principally engaged in the manufacture and application of nanomaterials for a wide variety of applications such as surface mount technology, printed circuit board assembly with special focus on copper based nanomaterials. The latter are fused to bulk copper to take advantage of the low processing temperatures, and the high electrical and thermal conductivity of bulk copper.

Prior to his current position, Dr. Zinn was a Lockheed Martin Fellow in the Advanced Materials and Nanosystems directorate at the Advanced Technology Center (ATC), Lockheed Martin Space System Company, in Palo Alto, CA. In this role, Alfred was responsible for the development of nanostructured functional materials (optical, thermal, nano/micro-magnetics), smart materials, high-temperature materials systems, device physics modeling, quantum/ superlattice structures and devices, and high performance energy conversion devices (solar, high & low quality heat conversion). His role included identifying profitable adjacencies and licensing opportunities for new technologies and help bring them to market. In addition, he mentored young emerging talent to strengthen the department’s work force and diversity.

Alfred currently holds a total of 24 patents in materials, structures and processing technologies and THz technology, with multiple international filings (Europe, India, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore) and a number of additional patents pending as well as four trade secrets and one trademark (CuantumFuseTM).  He has authored or co-authored over 30 archival journal publications, including book chapters in “The Chemistry of Metal CVD” as well as the “Encyclopedia of Inorganic Chemistry.” Over the past two decades, he has presented his technical results and accomplishments at many national and international Conferences.

Prior to his current position, Alfred was a member of the pioneering ESA Startiger project, where he helped develop a compact (desktop-size) real-time THz imager and supported a field emitter development effort as a materials and processing consultant. Before that, he held positions at the Ultramet Corp. in Pacoima, CA, where he worked on multiple SBIR programs focused on high-temperature, corrosion-resistant materials and systems (ceramic foams and composites) and was a senior scientist in the Materials and Process Department at the Boeing Corporation in Huntington Beach, CA; his work there involved development of shuttle tile thermal protection system (TPS) technologies, which resulted in two NASA Tech Brief awards and two patents.