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Nanocopper Pastes and Inks


Paving the Way to All Copper Interconnects


Introducing CuantumFuseTM

A flowable copper “metal-adhesive” with superior thermal and electrical performance.


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Why CuantumFuseTM



Excellent Alternative to Solder

CuantumFuseTM is an excellent alternative to lead- and lead-free solders, AuSn and nanosilver for general surface-mount bonding applications (SMT). Pressureless sintering at 195°C to 240°C yields bulk copper joints.



Superior Thermal Performance


CuantumFuseTM exhibits thermal conductivity of 240-280 W/m K, 60% - 70% of bulk copper. Our customer reduced their LED system thermal resistance by up to 25% using CuantumFuseTM in place of AuSn. Performance improves with increasing current load.

Thermal Comparison with AuSn.png



Improved Electrical Performance

CuantumFuseTM achieves electrical conductivity of 35% to 70% of bulk copper. That’s 3-7 times the conductivity of traditional lead and lead-free solders. The end-to-end resistance of a resistance pattern shown on the right (1mm wide, 6cm long, 10 microns thick) printed with CuantumFuseTM is 1.9Ω.

Resistance pattern printed on glass



Compatible with Various Materials


CuantumFuseTM is capable of bonding to Cu, Ag, Au, ENEPIG, OSP, Sn and SAC. In each of the pictures below, Kuprion's CuantumFuseTM nanocopper paste (the thin layer of pink material) is used to bond two parts plated with the same material. These parts are plated with either Ag, Au, Cu or Sn.




Fully RoHS-Compliant

Fused CuantumFuseTM is 100% copper, making it fully compliant with the EU’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), which bans the use of lead, mercury, cadmium, polybrominated biphenyls, and polybrominated diphenyl ethers in electrical and electronic products.

RoHs final.png


Patch Antenna.png

Compatible with Solder

CuantumFuseTM is compatible with solder, enabling maximum flexibility with legacy processes. The coaxial cable (pictured) is soldered to the CuantumFuseTM antenna.




No-clean material system

All additives in CuantumFuseTM evaporate during sintering, leaving no residue.



Customizable to Your Needs

Kuprion’s nanocopper technology is versatile and suited for use in multiple industries. We are dedicated to creating the perfect interconnect material for your application.