Devices are getting smaller and yet more powerful, making thermal dissipation more important than ever. This trend calls for new packaging technologies and interconnect materials. Kuprion’s nanocopper pastes and inks are key enablers of this trend by providing a thermal conductivity of 240 - 280 W/mK.

For example, one of the use cases of Kuprion’s nanocopper pastes is in power devices. Read more about the use of Kuprion’s nanocopper paste for large-area power devices in a paper published in the Journal of Electronic Materials co-authored by Dr. Alfred Zinn, Kuprion’s CTO, with IBM.


Examples of Use Case

  • Flip Chip

  • Modules

  • Die Stacking

  • Chiplets

  • SiPs

  • Die Bonding




Case Study: Copper Pillars

Copper pillar emerges as an excellent replacement for traditional solder bump. Among other benefits, the copper pillar technology allows higher I/O density than traditional solder bumps.

Kuprion’s CuantumFuseTM shows excellent compatibility with the flip chip technology. CuantumFuseTM Paste has the appropriate viscosity and can be applied to copper pillars using the stamp transfer method.

In our test, a layer of CuantumFuseTM paste (as thin as 10 microns) is applied onto a flat glass surface. We then stamped the component to apply the paste precisely pillars onto just the tips of the pillars, as pictured.


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