The continued growth in high reliability industries such as aerospace, oil and automotive has driven the demand for new solutions in high-power electronics. Such high-power electronics call for high performance on a system level. This requires not only the components, but also the interconnect material, to have excellent electrical and thermal performance.

Unlike traditional solder, Kuprion's CuantumFuseTM nanocopper interconnect is well-suited for such high-reliability electronics. Specifically, CuamtumFuseTM exhibits a thermal conductivity of 240-280 W/m K, 60% - 70% of bulk copper, and its electrical conductivity is 35% to 70% of bulk copper. These properties make CuantumFuse well-suited for high-power electronics.

For example, one of the use cases of Kuprion’s nanocopper pastes is in power devices. Read more about the use of Kuprion’s nanocopper paste for large-area power devices in a paper published in the Journal of Electronic Materials co-authored by Dr. Alfred Zinn, Kuprion’s CTO, with IBM.


Example of Use Case

  • Laser Diodes

  • IGBT

  • Die Bonding

  • LEDs

  • SiC

  • GaN

  • Thermal Clips




Case Study: LEDs

Found in cameras, automotive headlamps and even medical devices, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are ubiquitous. When used, LEDs release large amount of heat which needs to be dissipated. To prevent overheating, most LEDs are assembled with eutectic solder, predominantly gold-tin solder.

Kuprion’s nanocopper is an excellent replacement of gold-tin as it offers superior thermal conductivity at a lower price than gold-tin solder.

Kuprion was able to reduce our the thermal resistance of an LED system by up to 25% using the CuantumFuseTM nanocopper paste in place of AuSn (pictured). It was also found that performance improves with increasing current load. Find out more today.


Find out more today.