Kuprion Inc. to Bring Copper-based Nanotechnology to the Global Market

Silicon Valley-based company targets more reliable electronics with versatile nanocopper materials invention

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 5, 2017 – Imagine electronics using less power, running cooler, lasting longer and withstanding higher operating temperatures. This could be the future through a novel nanocopper-based assembly material developed by scientists at Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Technology Center in Palo Alto, California. Under license from Lockheed Martin [NYSE: LMT], this material is now available through a recently created, independent start-up company, Kuprion Inc., who aims to commercialize this promising technology platform for multiple large markets. 

“The future of electronics beyond soldering has begun. We are entering the age of solder-free electronics,” says Dr. Alfred Zinn, nanocopper inventor and Kuprion chief executive officer. “With this product, the industry will take a significant step toward more reliable systems that can overcome typical solder creep and fatigue issues as well as wicking problems during reflow. Nanocopper’s unique properties and ease of processing can benefit every device that has a circuit, its packaging and manufacture throughout the world.”

Bulk copper is a better conductor versus solder and is more reliable, but its high melting temperature prevents its use as solder. Nanocopper bridges this gap by fusing rapidly into bulk copper at processing temperatures as low as 200 °C without pressure, and the resulting bonds can operate at much higher temperatures. Additionally, nanocopper enables all-copper-systems that can eliminate tin whisker growth, brittle intermetallic compound formation and gold embrittlement. The fact that it does not go through a liquid state during “reflow” and is completely flux-free, eliminates the formation of large voids. Combined with its low processing temperature benefits yield and assembly cost. For the first time, an assembly material is available whose operating temperature is not limited by its processing temperature.

About Kuprion Inc. - Founded in 2016 in Silicon Valley, Kuprion Inc. provides premier nanocopper-materials, assembly and packaging solutions for a wide range of global markets such as electronics and thermal management to meet customer needs. Kuprion is one of the few manufacturers in the world offering substantially oxide-free nanocopper that can be safely handled in air. Kuprion also makes custom formulations available to match its customers' needs and requirements. 

Nick Antonopoulos