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Paving the Way to All Copper Interconnects


Dr. Alfred Zinn

Prior to founding Kuprion, Dr. Zinn was a Lockheed Martin Fellow in the Advanced Materials and Nanosystems directorate at the Advanced Technology Center (ATC). In this role, Alfred was responsible for the development of nanostructured functional materials (optical, thermal, nano/micro-magnetics), smart materials, high-temperature materials systems, device physics modeling, quantum/superlattice devices, and high performance energy conversion devices (solar, high & low quality heat conversion). He was also responsible for identifying profitable adjacencies and licensing opportunities for new technologies and bringing them to market. Prior to Lockheed, Alfred was the Materials and Processing Consultant of the ESA Startiger project, where he helped develop a real-time desktop-size THz imager and a field emitter.

Nick Antonopoulos

Nick Antonopoulos is the CEO of Kuprion. Nick has a successful track record in bringing to market diverse technologies in a variety of fields including 60 Ghz wireless connectors, flash memory controllers, MPEG video codecs and core logic chipsets. Nick’s experience includes executive positions at Keyssa Inc, OnSpec Electronics (acquired by The TPL Group), Mediamatics (acquired by National Semiconductor), Headland Technologies (acquired by LSI Logic) and Faraday Electronics (acquired by Western Digital). Nick holds over ten patents covering a variety of technologies.