Kuprion nanocopper paste in ready to dispense pneumatic syringes compatible with all standard dispensing equipment; different sizes available.


Dr. Alfred Zinn embarked on developing a reliable alternative to lead-free solder while a Fellow at Lockheed Martin in 2008. Upon successful completion of developing a family of nano copper pastes and inks for the American global aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies company, Kuprion was spun out to commercialize one of the most significant advancements in electronic materials and printable conductive inks of our generation.




Kuprion specializes in the formulation, manufacture and licensing of nanocopper inks and pastes. Our international team of scientists and engineers possess extensive industry experience and knowledge to provide in-depth technical support to integrate our material into your products. 

With over 17 patents issued, worldwide academia collaboration, and a rapidly growing portfolio of Fortune 100 customer contracts, Kuprion is the trusted and competent provider of nanomaterials solutions.